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Capt. Sadao Hosotani Capt. Sadao Hosotani
Established NRX based on his experiences in serving as a navigational officer for ocean going vessels, as a port captain for steel products and as a supervisor for inland transportation of plant cargo for overseas, and in engaging in damage surveys and appraisals while working for a marine survey agency.
In charge of claims in general, such as domestic and overseas marine accidents, various surveys and appraisals, P&I claims (mainly fisheries) and general averages.

Tamotsu Taoshita
In charge of all claims in general such as domestic and overseas P&I claims, H&M, cargo claims and pre-loading survey. An expert in grains and he has worked in grain importing company for a long time, is skilled in trade and claim handling.

Junichi Anzai
In charge of claims in general, mainly for Kanto to Chubu region on his experience as captain for domestic vessel and ocean-going vessel.

Hiroki Yagi
In charge of mainly cargo claims, pre-loading survey and D&A survey on his experience as agent and international trade company.

Office Staff

Mariko Okamoto
Mainly in charge of overseas cases.

Chiori Sawaya
In charge of various overseas and domestic cases.

Kumiko Hirai
In charge of domestic P&I and H&M cases.

Tomoko Tsuboi
In charge of overseas cargo claims and translation.

Lanlan Son
Mainly in charge of cases occurred in China.

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