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We try our best promptly and appropriately for the benefit of our clients.

Marine Survey

We, as a third party, conduct surveys and appraisals technically and objectively.

  • Draft survey
  • Hatch survey
  • Ship value appraisal

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Damage Survey

We conduct surveys concerning the condition, extent, cause, etc. of cargo damage and casualties during transportation both by sea and by land.

  • Survey concerning oil pollution damage
  • Survey concerning fishery claims
  • Survey concerning damaged cargo
  • Survey concerning damage to hull, machinery, etc.
  • Survey concerning damage to navigational aids (Buoy and beacon etc.)
  • Survey concerning damage to port facilities
  • Survey concerning container damage
  • Survey concerning drifting objects (such as logs) at sea
  • Survey concerning cargo damage occurred during transportation by land

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Marine Inspection

We conduct general marine surveys.

  • Cargo stowage survey
  • Pre-loading survey
  • Survey concerning chartering
  • Condition survey concerning hull, machinery, etc
  • Survey concerning steel products
  • Survey concerning general average
  • AGM inspection
  • Drug & Alcohol test

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Marine Consulting

Based on our knowledge and experience accumulated for many years, we can offer consultation service concerning various kinds of shipping affairs.

  • Consultation concerning loss prevention
  • Consultation concerning bunkering survey
  • Consultation in general concerning marine affairs

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Radiation and Miscellaneous Surveys

We measure radiation with a scintillation survey meter “TCS-171B” both in sievert (Sv), which indicates the biological effects of the radiation on human beings, and in gray (Gy), which indicates the amount of the energy of the radiation absorbed in human beings / substances.

We measure radiation concerning objects to be related, please contact us.
We carry out Drug & Alcohol test and AGM inspection, please contact us.

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Flow of Survey / Inspection

In NRX, a surveyor and a person in charge of office jointly handle a case so that we can cope with the communication with our client and the other parties concerned smoothly and promptly when the surveyor is out of office.

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